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About us


The Ministry's mission is to support business growth, entrepreneurship, science, innovation, export trade and investment. The MESI is coordinating the elaboration and the implementation of the digital strategy.

It also advises the Government with a view to favouring economic development in every region of Québec, in a perspective of:

  • job creation;
  • economic prosperity;
  • sustainable development.

More specifically, the Ministry primarily assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Administration, in conjunction with the recognized bodies, of the funds entrusted to it in order to ensure the execution of economic development projects.
  • Support for collective entrepreneurship (cooperatives and social economy) and entrepreneurs (business creation, development and transfer).
  • Coordination of government interventions and preparation of integrated government offers to support the achievement of major investment projects.
  • Government coordination of work on regulatory relief.
  • Preparation of an offer of services to enterprises, taking the form of advice/guidance and support for their business development.
  • Preparation and implementation of development strategies and assistance programs, in collaboration with the departments and agencies concerned.
  • Harmonization and coherence of government actions on economic development, research, science, technology and innovation.
  • Direction and coordination of prospecting for investments and market expansion, and concretization of the resulting activities.
  • Promotion of Québec goods and services abroad and coordination of the activities of the departments and agencies concerned.
  • Promotion of Québec's interests during the negotiation of any national or international trade agreement.

Government corporations and budget-funded agencies

The government corporations and budget-funded agencies are:

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The Québec Economic Plan - November 2017 update