Summary - The Québec Aluminium Development Strategy 2015-2025

The future is taking shape

Original text in French

Ambitious objectives

A key industry sector for Québec

Vision 2025

That Québec be globally recognized for:

Concrete actions

Tract 1: Set up a favourable environment for aluminium processing in Québec

Facilitate access to metal

Enhance the value chain

Promote aluminium use

Tract 2: Bolster the entire industry in Québec

Facilitate exporting

Increase the industry's capacity for innovation

Ensuring a pool of qualified workers

Broadening the sector's reach

Tract 3: Ensure business competitiveness in the industry

Support the projects of primary aluminium producers

Encourage the growth of SMEs

Significant financial support

$32.5 million to initiate implementation of the Strategy in 2015-2018.