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Oser innover - Québec research and innovation Strategy 2017-2022

With the launching of the QRIS, the government is adopting the means to ensure that by 2030 Québec becomes one of the most innovative, creative societies in the world.

All told, more than 30 measures and seven inspiring projects will meet the challenges that Québec is facing and will enhance the well-being of our society.


  • Total investments and budgetary costs stand at $2.8 billion.
  • Some $585 million will be allocated to the implementation of measures specific to the QRIS.
  • All told, seven flagship projects will be carried out over the next five years to broaden Québec know-how in the realm of research and innovation.
  • Innovation is one of the foundations of the economic vision that the government is proposing to ensure that all of the regions and Québec as a whole enjoy sustainable prosperity and innovation.
  • The vision, dubbed #OSERINNOVER, hinges on three components in respect of which the government has already announced its strategies or will do so shortly:
    • the innovative manufacturing sector;
    • exporting;
    • entrepreneurship.


  • Develop talent, skills and the new generation of workers
  • Broaden Québec’s capacity for research and support all forms of innovation
  • Accelerate the transfer and marketing of innovations

Oser innover - Interactive video

Last update: June 14 2019

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