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2015-2025 Québec Aluminium Development Strategy

Aluminium represents a key industry sector for Québec and is truly a metal of the future.

With the launch of the 2015-2025 Québec Aluminium Development Strategy, Québec is giving itself the means to promote the growth of all the links in the aluminium value chain, be they:

  • aluminium processors;
  • equipment manufacturers and specialized suppliers;
  • primary aluminium producers;
  • innovators;
  • industry organizations.

Vision 2025: That Québec be globally recognized for:

  • the expertise and innovative character of its value-chain, including processors, equipment manufacturers and specialized suppliers;
  • its leadership role in low carbon footprint primary aluminium production.

Strategy highlights:

  • An ambitious objective to double aluminium processing in Québec.
  • Significant international market penetration to be made by equipment manufacturers and specialized suppliers.
  • A strengthening of the industry’s global reach by promoting Québec’s knowhow and its low carbon footprint aluminium.
  • The development of a foreign investment prospecting plan for the aluminium sector.
  • Export aid for SMEs and trade missions under a common banner.

Promotional toolkit

  • Promotional toolkit


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Last update: July 11 2016

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