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Redifining the horizon

2016-2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy

The 2016–2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy revolves around four priorities aimed at making the most of Québec’s current assets and the growth opportunities emerging from the changing global market.

The Strategy is accompanied by the 2016–2021 financial framework:

  • An estimated $2.8 billion in investments
  • $510 million in government contributions
  • A $250 million financial framework

Strategy highlights:

  • Financial support to attract foreign investment*
  • Development fund for security and defense sectors*
  • Prospecting target customers abroad
  • Focused trade missions and hosted visits by prime contractors and Tier 1 suppliers
  • Network of prospectors specializing in aerospace
  • SMEs participation in global innovation network

*Flagship initiative


Direction du transport et de la logistique
aerospatialea commercialeconomie.gouv.qc.ca

Last update: August 11 2017

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