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Land Transport

A powerful economic engine

Québec’s industry of land transport equipment is a creative environment bustling with forward-thinking ideas drawing attention for their cutting-edge efficiency.


  • nearly 700 companies.
  • more than 31,000 jobs.
  • more than 7 billion dollars in revenue.
  • Presence of prime contractors, notably Bombardier Transport, BRP, Paccar, Nova Bus, Prévost, and a multitude of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) who serve the needs of the prime contractors and large suppliers, as well as numerous SMBs manufacturing their own niche vehicles.


  • Québec’s fields of expertise:
    • Special vehicles: manufacturing of heavy-duty trucks, bodies and specialized vehicles such as emergency vehicles, maintenance trucks, dump trucks, tankers, armoured vehicles, semi-trailers and trailers.
    • Recreational vehicles: conception, design, and manufacturing of snowmobiles, water scooters, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), side-by-side vehicles (SSV), and three-wheeled road vehicles, as well as manufacturing of parts and accessories for these types of vehicles.
    • Automotives: manufacturing of parts and accessories destined for assembly lines and the replacement market.
    • Coaches and city buses: manufacturing of coaches and coach bodies for high-end motorhomes; design and manufacturing of city buses, both conventional and hybrid; manufacturing of school minibuses for paratransit needs.
    • Railways: manufacturing of associated rolling and fixed stock; remanufacturing or major maintenance; supply of related goods and specialized services.
  • Québec boasts some thirty research centres, conceiving leading-edge technologies in a number of diversified areas such as lightweight materials, new modes of electric and hybrid propulsion, mechatronics, onboard intelligences, acoustics, and alternative fuel sources.
  • Québec is a world leader of the thriving snowmobile and water scooter industries, as well as that of three-wheeled road vehicles, owing to numerous innovative technologies brought forth by the genius of Québec engineering.
  • Québec is where Bombardier Transport launched its railroad operations; Bombardier is now the world’s foremost rolling stock manufacturer. Its North American headquarters are located in Québec and it has a specialized stainless steel production site that is building, in consortium with Alstom, nearly 500 new AZUR cars for the Montreal Metro with innovative, reliable, and durable parts.

Where creativity brings results

  • The BRP Roadster Can-Am Spyder offers an extraordinary driving experience thanks to its unique three-point geometry (two wheels in front and one at the rear). This lightweight vehicle distinguishes itself from existing products through its innovative design, superior comfort, its level of safety, and its new integrated technologies.
  • The Détritube is a new garbage truck from the Durabac company. Its cylinder-shaped aluminum collection body allows for 30% more loading capacity and 30% reduced weight. It also features a new automated arm that is lighter, faster and easier to operate.
  • The 3600 school bus from Lion Bus features aisles 50% wider than its competitors and a principally composite rustproof body. This new product offers the best maintenance costs on the market. In addition, Lion Bus has announced a completely electric version of this bus to be ready as of the end of 2015.

Prosper in a dynamic environment

Electric vehicles

Québec believes strongly in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of electric vehicles, a niche in which it brings a solid expertise. Indeed, Québec counts nearly thirty companies operating in domains linked to electric vehicles, such as batteries, motor systems, and lightweight materials.

Québec, a leader in electrification of transport

Attracting international manufacturers

Thanks to its abundant hydroelectric resources, Québec attracts companies from new green technology industry sectors, such as electric vehicles.

Québec: hub of excellence in land transport

The land transport hub of excellence is the business network dedicated to the economic development of this industry cluster (public transit vehicles, special vehicles and bodies, recreational vehicles, automobiles, as well as defense and security). Through innovative initiatives centering around international and interregional networking, it promotes the growth and the reach of its members.

Institut du véhicule innovant (innovative vehicle institute)

This institute brings leading-edge expertise in the development of technology solutions for vehicles, notably in the design of electrical, mechanical, and mechatronic systems, technology integration, prototyping, instrumentation, control systems, certification, and testing.

Innovation in electric power

This organization supports the development and the financing of collaborative projects in connection with the power and transportation electrification industries through the sharing of resources and expertise between industry partners and research centres.

Last update: October 13 2017

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