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A green and prosperous Québec

Québec's economy figures among the most rigorous in adhering to high standards of environmental protection, with sustainable development as its bedrock.


  • 1,500 businesses.
  • 28,000 green jobs.
  • $8 B in environment-related revenue.
  • Sales of environmental goods and services outside Québec: $3 B, of which more than half is towards the rest of Canada and the United States.


Québec's fields of expertise:

  • water management: potable water and wastewater, municipal (notably isolated dwellings) or industrial;
  • management of residual material: sorting and handling equipment, conditioning, reclamation and recycling;
  • treatment of ambient air and atmospheric emissions;
  • greenhouse gas emissions reduction technologies;
  • energy efficiency;
  • equipment for the measurement and control of waste;
  • soil and groundwater treatment, remediation of contaminated sites;
  • life cycle analysis;
  • energetic and agronomic treatment and reuse of biomass (municipal sludge, pulp sludge, manure, biogas).

The renowned expertise in sectors such as mining, aluminum, agriculture, pulp and paper and hydroelectricity fosters the spread of Québec know-how and technology all throughout the world.

Where creativity brings results

  • The VamoxR system, created by Biothermica, is a technology that facilitates the safe disposal of methane gas present in coal mines, even in small amounts, and, in so doing, ensures the financing of the project with the sale of associated carbon credits.
  • Enerkem's integrated gasification and catalytic synthesis technological platform transforms more competitively and sustainably than technologies that rely on fossil sources non-recyclable residual materials into cellulosic ethanol, biomethanol and other renewable chemical products.
  • EcofloR, SegfloTM, RotofixR, EcoprocessTM SBR and EcoprocessTM MBR are technologies developed and marketed by Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) for the autonomous and decentralized treatment of wastewater meant for individual, business, community and industrial use. With more than 100,000 installations, PTA is without doubt a leader in the industry.

Prosper in a conscientious environment

The 2030 Energy Policy – Energy in Québec, A Source of Growth

The government has made public its energy transition policy by the year 2030, which puts consumers at the forefront of impending initiatives.

The policy seeks to:

  • promote a low-carbon economy;
  • optimally develop Québec's energy resources;
  • foster responsible consumption;
  • make the most of the potential of energy efficiency;
  • stimulate the technological and social innovation chain.

Sustainable development

Québec has passed the Sustainable Development Act and adopted a plan of ongoing sustainable development. It is among the few political entities worldwide, including some American States, Luxemburg, and Belgium, to legislate on sustainable development.

Research and development

For R&D operations, Québec offers Canada's most competitive fiscal incentive program, and one of the best of all industrialized nations. These measures have enabled Québec to excel in the area of new environmental technologies, while helping companies strengthen their performance and assert themselves on emerging international markets.

Carbon market

Québec's cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emission (SPEDE) – commonly called the carbon market – was officially launched on January 1st 2013. One year later, January 1st 2014, Québec formally joined its system with that of California as part of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), thus becoming one of the pioneers of the largest carbon markets in North America and the first to be operated by states of different countries. Moreover, Ontario has announced its intention to link its system with that of Québec and California.

Québec has adopted the objective by 2020 of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below the 1990 level, and by 37.5% by 2030.


The 12th Americana International Environmental Technologies Trade Show was held in Montréal from March 21 to 23, 2017. Organized by the Réseau environnement, Québec's leading environmental industry group, the event is a forum for pooling knowledge and practical experience that provides economic and environmental solutions.

Écotech québec

Écotech Québec, Québec's clean technologies cluster, assembles and mobilizes the clean technologies industry with respect to innovation and marketing, the regulatory and fiscal framework, funding, skills and talents, and the industry's impact and internationalization.

For a Green and prosperous Québec

To find out more about the segments of the industry, please consult the following information sheets:

Last update: May 3 2021

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