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Participants directory 25th conference of the parties to the united nations framework convention on climate change – COP25

December 7-12, 2019
Madrid, Spain

Message from the Minister

It is an honour for me to lead the Québec delegation to this 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25). I am delighted to note the rich diversity of the players from SMEs, cooperatives, organizations, and investment funds who are accompanying me. The sectors you embody are just as varied: water management, agroforestry, information technology, energy, environmental consulting, etc. Québec is proudly represented!

In light of the environmental challenges we are facing and the increasing need to mobilize in order to address them, solutions inevitably require heightened collaboration and partnerships with as many players as possible. Climate diplomacy is a tool of choice for sharing our expertise and drawing inspiration from best practices on the international stage.

Over the past year, our government, under the leadership of Premier François Legault, set out to give new momentum to Québec's international economic influence. These changes were needed to provide our innovative companies with an impetus that would be beneficial to them in their expansion. Reforming Investissement Québec, strengthening the role of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Québec's new international policy vision, and the Electrification and Climate Change Plan we will launch in early 2020 will contribute to that success.

Québec already enjoys considerable credibility on the international scene owing in particular to its carbon market, advances in transportation electrification, progress in various green technologies, and climate cooperation measures. By actively participating in strategic events such as the one that has bought us together here, Québec has taken its place among the most inspiring states.

This credibility and leadership can be useful to you in your business relations. The trade mission in which you are participating is an occasion to showcase your know-how and creativity. I encourage you to take advantage of the many activities organized as part of this mission to explore new business opportunities. Get your projects moving forward. Promote your products and services. Consolidate business relationships that have already been initiated. When you do, it puts Québec in the spotlight—the Quebec we all want to be prosperous, green and proud!

Benoit Charette

Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change and Head of the Québec Delegation

Participants directory

The descriptions of the businesses were supplied by the participating organizations and transcribed verbatim.

Conseil du patronat du Québec

Conseil du patronat du Québec logo

1010, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, bureau 510
Montréal (Québec) H3A 2R7
514 288-5161  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Founded in 1969, the Conseil du patronat du Quebec (CPQ) represents the voice of Québec employers. lt represents the interests of more than 70,000 employers of all sizes, from the private or parapublic sector, directly or through the 70 sectoral associations. For many years, the Conseil du patronat du Québec has been engaged in a constant dialogue around issues related to the fight against climate change. The CPQ has thus contributed to several political advances, particularly in the energy transition, the growth of clean technologies, renewable energies, mobility and the adaptation of the workforce. From now, the CPQ's economic platform 2018-2021 devotes a comprehensive area of intervention to environmental and climate challenges, which involves all economic sectors.


Karolyne Gagnon, LL. B, MAP
Labour and Legal Affairs and Governance
+1 514 567-7512

Conseil Patronal de l'Environnement du Québec

Conseil Patronal de l'Environnement du Québec logo

640 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, bureau 504
Montreal (Québec) H3C 1L9
514 393-1122  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Founded in 1992 by representatives of Quebec's main businesses and industrial sectors, the Quebec Business Council on the Environment (CPEQ), is the umbrella organization that represents the Quebec business sector on environmental and sustainable development issues, including corporate social responsibility. The CPEQ comprises more than 300 companies and associations among the most significant in Quebec, that generate more than 300,000 jobs and report combined revenues of more than 45 billion dollars. Its mission is to represent the concerns and contributions of Quebec businesses among governments and various stakeholders in the environment and sustainable fields through representations; monitoring and information; collaboration with stakeholders; the development of decision-making tools; training sessions and building awareness.


Hélène Lauzon
President and Chief Executive Officer
+1 514 393-1122, ext. 222

Coopérative de solidarité Carbone

Coopérative de solidarité Carbone logo

125, boulevard Charest Est, bureau 502
Québec (Québec) Canada  G1M 1J4
+1 418 780-0158  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Coop Carbone's mission is to fight climate change by supporting the implementation of collaborative projects. Over a horizon of 3 to 5 years, she hopes to be able to federate the efforts made in different regions to create "carbon-free" territories. These territorial initiatives will involve local actors mobilized around projects that meet the needs of local communities. The Coop Carbone will play a key expert role in the development of these local entities and will offer services enabling them to fulfill their mission.

Coop Carbone is also a solidarity cooperative that brings together members who implement GHG reduction projects on the territory, hard-working members engaged in the realization of various projects as well as support members, who have an economic, social or cultural interest in the achievement of the objectives of the cooperative and which contribute to solidify its anchoring in the environment.


Jean Nolet
President and Chief Executive Officer
+1 418 780-0158, ext. 203

François Tanguay
Energy Policy Consultant
+1 514 213-2001


COPTICOM inc. logo

460 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, bureau 406
Montréal (Québec) H3B 1A7
+1 514 577-3536  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

COPTICOM, Strategy and Public Relations, is a strategic communications and public relations firm specializing in public affairs. Our pointed knowledge of issues related to the green and social economy, energy, transportation, urban planning and the environment, combined with our extreme field efficiency, allows us to successfully present and defend our clients' interests with decision makers, the media and the general public. COPTICOM offers a wide range of services, including: stakeholder consultations, event management and facilitation, issue documentation and sectorial analyses, spokesperson training, media relations, government relations, strategic advice and coaching, Strategic plans in public affairs, public relations and communications, Drafting of briefs, reports, white papers, etc.


Leïla Copti
Founding President
+1 514 661-6134

Développement solugen Inc.

Développement Solugen Inc. logo

125 Boulevard Charest Est
Québec (Québec) G1K 3G5
+1 418 262-6448  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Développement Solugen Inc. operates its own patented industrial water treatment technology. It designs, manufactures,and markets this unique solution. The company's process enables a high percentage of water to be recycled internally instead of being discharged into the environment. Solugen's process reduces considerably water consumption. Solugen has adapted its technology to the pig industry, with which it returns up to 84% of the volume of raw manure as clean water, thus eliminating more than 66% of greenhouse gases generated by the pig production and more than 90% of the odours associated with storage and spreading.

In addition to the commissioning of the manure treatment system, the company is working on a project consisting in a centralized water treatment plant. This project is currently underway in the greater Quebec City metropolitan region.


André Beaulieu Blanchette
+1 418 262-6448


Econoler logo

160, rue Saint-Paul, bureau 200
Québec (Québec) G1K 3W1
+1 418 692-2592  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Econoler is an internationally renowned energy and climate consulting firm, specializing in the design, implementation, evaluation and financing of energy efficiency programs and projects as well as in the areas of energy renewable, performance contracts, climate change mitigation strategies and carbon finance.

For nearly forty years, Econoler has been active in these specialized business sectors in industrialized, emerging and developing countries, and has implemented more than 4,000 projects around the world. Most of these projects have been carried out on behalf of the major multilateral development banks, several bilateral development agencies, as well as government agencies and utilities.


Myriam LeBlanc
Director of Development
418 692-2592

Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun
Senior Climate Expert, responsible for European relations
+32 474 76 40 33

Écotech Québec

Écotech Québec logo

2160, de la Montagne, bureau 430
Montréal (Québec) H3G 2T3
+1 514 905-4830  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

The first organization of its kind in Canada, Écotech Québec brings together all decision-makers in Quebec's clean technologies sector (innovative companies, research and development centers and technology transfer centers, large companies and user organizations, the financial community, educational institutions and universities, trade unions, industry associations and clean technology clusters). In a sustainable development perspective, Écotech Québec is mobilizing green economy players to create the most favorable conditions for the development and growth of businesses, and stimulates users to increase the deployment of clean technologies. Écotech Québec is a member of the International Cleantech Network and founding partner of the CanadaCleantech Alliance and of the World Alliance for efficient solutions, initiated by the Solar Impulse Foundation.


Denis Leclerc
President and Chief Executive Officer
+1 514 914-1405

ECOTIERRA inc. (société de gestion de projets)

ECOTIERRA inc. (société de gestion de projets) logo

35 Belvédère nord, suite 500
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1H 4A7
+1 819 346-1000  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

ECOTIERRA designs, develops and operates sustainable agriculture and forestry projects. Its team brings decades of hands-on experience with coffee and cocoa producer organizations, as well as with private companies, financial entities, international cooperation, and governments.

ECOTIERRA is considered a pioneer in the development of climate financing tools and carbon projects, especially for the integration of small farmers, and other supply chain actors' needs, to ensure the success of such projects. 

Since 2018, ECOTIERRA manages and operates URAPI Sustainable Land Use, a 50 M$ fund investing in community-based sustainable agroforestry projects in Latin America delivering private equity market-type returns alongside significant positive environmental and social impacts.


Luis Salgado
Technical Director
+1 514 996-5093


Enerkem logo

1130, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Bureau 600
Montréal (Québec) H3A 2M8
+1 514 375-6936  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Enerkem produces biofuels and green chemicals from waste. Its proprietary breakthrough technology allows it to transform non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal waste into methanol, ethanol, and other widely used intermediate chemicals. Enerkem, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, operates a full-scale commercial plant in Alberta, as well as an innovation center in Quebec. Enerkem's facilities are built as prefabricated systems based on the company's modular manufacturing infrastructure that can be deployed on a global scale. Enerkem's technology is a prime example of how a true circular economy can be achieved by contributing to the diversification of the energy portfolio and the production of everyday greener products, while providing a smart and sustainable alternative to energy efficiency, burial and incineration.


Geneviève Brisson
Senior Director, Global Government Affairs
+1 514 375-6936


Fondaction logo

2175, boulevard de Maisonneuve, bureau 103
Montréal (Québec) H2K 4S3
514 525-2036  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Fondaction is a Labour Sponsored Fund entirely dedicaded to sustainable development. The savings collected are channeled into various investments with Québec companies in order to create and maintain jobs. Thanks to its investments, Fondaction contributes to Québec's economic, social and environmental development by supporting innovative, forward-looking companies, enabling Québec talent to shine on the local and international stage. By giving meaning to money, Fondaction participates in a more efficient, fairer and greener economy.


Léopold Beaulieu
President and Chief Executive Officer
+1 514 525-2036

Julien Lampron
Director Corporate Development and Public Affairs
+1 514 525-7639

Stephan Morency
Chief Investment Officer
+1 514 525-2177

Montréal International

Montréal International logo

380, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 3X7
+1 514 987-9372  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Supported by the government of Canada, the government of Québec, Montréal's Metropolitan Community as well as the private sector, Montréal International (MI) is Montréal's economic development agency.  Its mandates are to attract foreign direct investment, international strategic workers as well as international organizations and associations to Montréal.

Today, through MI's efforts and thanks to partnerships developed with various stakeholders, Montréal is one of three major international organization hubs in North America along with Washington D.C. and New York.

Montréal International provides significant and individualized support to international associations and organizations wishing to establish their headquarters, regional hub or program office in the city, including: Financial Support, Network Access, International Mobility Support and Strategic and Logistical Advice.


Maï Murray
Project Director – International Organizations
+1 514 987-9375

OXIA Initiative Inc.

OXIA Initiative Inc. logo

1205 Rue Saint Dominique, Suite 201
Montréal (Québec) H2X 2W3
+1 514 638-8410  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

OXIA Initiative: Measuring the true impact of your investment strategy

Oxia Initiative's mission is to empower decision makers to measure carbon impact and to create synergies and collaboration between different stakeholders in order to efficiently deploy capital towards low-carbon solutions.

Using technology, we create innovative tools that drive down the cost of carbon assessment and give actionable reports to our clients. Our solutions provide transparency and standardization that empowers fund managers, companies and governments to allocate green funding in the most efficient way for the wellbeing of our planet.

Carboscope, our first product, is an online platform, mainly used by private equity funds, that allows companies to measure and track the carbon footprint (induced emissions of operational activities) and the carbon impact (avoided emissions of innovative solutions).


Emmanuelle Tavernier
+1 514 638 8410

Réseau environnement

Réseau environnement logo

255, boul. Crémazie Est, bureau 750
Montréal (Québec) H2M 1L5
+1 514 270-7110  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Réseau Environnement is the principal environmental association in Quebec for interested individuals, specialists and stakeholders, from both the public and private sectors. It provides them with an open platform that allows them to promote and discuss the best practices in environment, innovation, and sustainable development.

Réseau Environnement relies on its various networks and a large number of experts to organize and coordinate major commercial, technical and scientific events.

Some of their most well-known events include: Americana (the leading multi-sector environmental forum and international trade show in North America) and the Quebec Trade Show on Environmental Technologies.

As a key player in promoting a more sustainable society in Québec, Réseau Environnement actively represents its members in dealing with various public decision-making bodies. It also raises awareness, educates and promotes sustainable and innovative solutions in all industrial sectors related to water, biodiversity, soil and groundwater, climate change, energy and waste management.


Christiane Pelchat
Chief Executive Officer

Tokes Consulting

Tokes Consulting logo

5892, rue Dolbeau
Montréal (Québec) H3S 2G2
+1 514 961-2818  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Tokes Consulting & Associates is a Montreal-based consulting firm working in international development for over 15 years focusing on working with international organisations, start-ups and SME's in the environmental arena including global entrepreneurship, competitive market strategy and international development. Tokes Consulting partners with organisations in succeeding primarily by applying competitive intelligence skills and experience to identify markets for opportunities for growth.

Tokes Consulting collaborates on international initiatives, most recently in Africa with Blue VerdeSahara (headquartered in Morocco), a large-scale project in agro-forestry supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Tokes Consulting holds exclusive rights to a proprietary Atmospheric Water Generation technology which is being implemented in a project, a first in Morocco and Africa, supporting renewable energy in the form of biomass.


Katherine Tokes
+1 514 961-2818

Viridis Terra

Viridis Terra logo

201 Monseigneur-Bourget
Lévis (Québec) G6V 6Z3
+1 581-681-3365  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Viridis Terra is a Canadian cleantech company specialized in the restoration and return into production of all type of degraded lands including mine sites to fight the global problem of land degradation in addition to climate change. The company has developed a new technological package for large-scale integrated forest and agroforestry landscape restoration (IFLR®). This technological package allows to increase by 2-3 times land and tree productivity on degraded and deforested lands in addition to carrying out activities on a very large scale. The package includes our own field-based phytotechnologies for the restoration of natural forests, hi-tech nurseries for the production of high-quality seedlings, biotech lab for the production of biofertilizers and plant micropropagation by somatic embryogenesis, forest genomics technologies, remote sensing and geo-traceability technologies, and a digital platform for operation data management called TreesOfLives®.


Martin Beaudoin Nadeau
Chief Executive Officer
+1 418 386-7199

Louis Guay
Chief Durability Officer
+1 819 639-4149


Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation

710, Place d'Youville
Québec (Québec)  G1R 4Y4  Ce lien mène à un site qui n'est peut-être pas soumis au standard gouvernemental sur l'accessibilité.

Point of contact

Olivia Dion
International trade advisor
+1 418 691-5698, ext. 4495
Cellulaire : 418 446-9110