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Cooperatives and mutuals have played a key role in the Québec economy for the past century. They are important agents for change and are found in numerous economic activity sectors. Some of them have even become big enterprises.

Roughly 3 300 cooperatives and mutuals are active in Québec. They encompass 8.8 million producers, consumers and workers. 

The cooperative sector in a nutshell

  • Québec has 3 300 non-financial cooperatives, mutual insurance companies and savings and credit cooperatives, the biggest concentration in Canada, with 100 000 employees, including 46 200 in non-financial cooperatives.
  • Nearly 70% of jobs in the cooperative sector are located outside major centres.
  • Non-financial cooperatives have 1.3 million members and sales of $14.5 billion.

Five categories of cooperatives

  • Consumer cooperatives (56%)
  • Solidarity cooperatives (23%)
  • Producer cooperatives (11%)
  • Worker cooperatives (8%)
  • Worker shareholder cooperatives (2%)

See also

Cooperative Development Policy
The policy seeks to accelerate the pace of development of cooperatives by fostering their diversification in new sectors.
Provincial, national and international networks
Cooperatives are stakeholders in such networks, which is a trait and the strength of the Québec cooperative network.
A presence in several sectors of the Québec economy
Cooperatives exert significant influence in several sectors of the economy.

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